How buying twitter likes results to more Genuine Followers and likes

News 10:11 November 2019:

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Let’s face it. Many of us spend weeks and months before getting a sizeable amount of following on twitter. Attracting twenty to fifty likes on each tweet is also an acknowledgeable achievement to many people. But what if you spent just one dollar and received 100 likes on every tweet. Wouldn’t that be fantastic? It would definitely be a great thing mostly because your brand name gets to grow faster. As a sports expert who make football predictions for instance, having a hundred or more likes on your every prediction can give you more attention among many football lovers on twitter.

The same case applies to a comedian or small business owner. You buy twitter likes today, and tomorrow someone will see your joke and like it simply because it has the highest number of likes on their thread. It is legal after all, and some of the most followed twitter users in the world today have also buy twitter likes. In any case, how different is buying likes with marketers who promise freebies to people who like and retweet their posts.