Why You Should Not Beg For Instagram Likes.

News 10:11 November 2019:

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Even after incorporating several measures to direct traffic to your page and increase the Instagram likes to the content you are posting, maybe you should resort to begging for the very likes. It may sound like a desperate move, but it is the best option for a short-term strategy to boost your engagements. It is simple. Just request for the likes as the first comment on your photo or just use the hashtag #likeforlike. You will receive some likes as you will slightly have some attention from other users. Incorporate the hashtag, captions, and comments to ask for likes.

This option of increasing your Instagram likes turn out to be a bad idea if you rely on it for a long run. Other users feel you not ready to engage on this platform meaningfully rather than just begging for likes. It is more of a poor etiquette on this platform and may make you lose more followers who will reduce your likes at every content you are posting. Get the timing right on when to stop begging for attention on Instagram.